Celebrate the Holidays in Okotoks!

It’s hard not to love the holiday season, in large part because there simply are so many fantastic family-oriented activities to do that bring people together this time of year. Okotoks has quite a few excellent holiday traditions, and while some of them already have come and gone, there still are a few ways for Calgary, AB Buick drivers to make the most of this December:

Spirit of Christmas – Many people in Okotoks already have been to the Okotoks Art Gallery, but the building is completely transformed this time of year to create the Spirit of Christmas, a showcase of work created by local artists. Everything is for sale, too, which means visitors can opt to purchase anything they want at the exhibition, and since everything there must be priced below $200, that means all kinds of great potential last-minute gift ideas.

A Heritage Christmas – In the same complex is the Okotoks Museum and Archives, which is where visitors can take a look back at some of the area’s older holiday traditions, specifically those from turn-of-the-century prairie Alberta. It’s a really neat glimpse into our province’s past, and at the very least incredibly informative!

Winter Wonderland – On the evenings of December 16 and 17, Spectacle Blue is putting on an winter-themed circus act that includes aerial trapeze, hoop, silks and hammock acts, all of which work together to give you a nontraditional viewing experience during this holiday season.

All of this says nothing about the amazing holiday shows and exhibitions in Calgary, AB, which is only about a 30-minute drive away. Hop into your 2016 Chevy Tahoe (or any other fantastic family vehicle from Okotoks Chevrolet Buick GMC) and make the most of this holiday season. There are too many great options not to!

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