General Motors CEO Mary Barra Pledges More Right-Hand Drive Vehicles From U.S. Lineup

Although the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show really was about the 2016 Opel Astra debut for General Motors, Australian media took at as an opportunity to sift through the information known on the future of Holden, and pull answers out of GM executives on the future of the brand.

Holden’s manufacturing arm will hit the lights in 2017, with a revamp of its portfolio with 24 new vehicles incoming by 2020. And, it seems the United States will also be a contributor to Holden’s new, global lineup, per GM CEO Mary Barra.

Barra made the comments when speaking to CarsGuide at the 2015 Frankfurt Show, confirming U.S. vehicle would be engineered for right-hand drive, and make their way to Holden in the future.

“We’re looking for whatever the right vehicles (are) that are going to round out the portfolios in very important countries that require right-hand drive.”

The publication speculates the most probable entries will be Buick and Opel SUVs. Though, we know the next-generation Chevrolet Equinox and a new Chevrolet crossover will replace the Holden Captiva 5 and Captiva 7 in the near future. The Corvette has also resurged as a likely contender to head to Oz.

But, the majority of future Holdens will still arrive via Opel, as close cousin Vauxhall ensures Opel vehicles are designed from the ground-up with right-hand drive in mind.

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