Chevrolet Surprises Truck Buyers With “Doors”: Ad Break

Chevrolet’s found considerable success with its “real people, not actors” ad spots and as such it’s perfectly happy to keep the shtick going.

While a few of us were left scratching our heads at Chevrolet’s “Bear Cage” ad – not just because the next-generation Silverado will reportedly feature ample amounts of aluminum – the newest spot, “Doors,” is a whole lot more focused.

Rather than point out the glaring differences between the Ford F-150 and Silverado, the new spot focuses on the achievements and accolades bestowed upon Chevrolet’s truck trio. Makes sense to us.

The spot opens up inside a warehouse where a bearded Chevrolet rep poses three questions to a host of “real people, not actors.” The questions are written on large garage doors and we’re left to presume the results– the trucks themselves– are sat behind them.

He asks each: Which trucks brand do you think offers best-in-class HD conventional towing; which offers best V8 horsepower; and which was this year’s Motor Trend Truck of the Year?

Each person poses a variety of answers but, as you’ve likely guessed, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD sits behind the first door while the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2015 Chevrolet Colorado sit behind the next two.

“Chevy, Chevy, Chevy.”

It surely won’t be the next viral video but it does a good job in portraying Chevrolet’s strengths. A fine tactic in our books. Have a look at the spot and then gives us your take.

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