Chevrolet City Express Cargo Van Begins Hitting Fleets

Okotoks GM Chev Express

This January, Chevrolet has sold over 585 units of the recently introduced City Express cargo van to business fleets. Customers seeking a more agile and economical option for their business vehicle are falling in love with this smaller van, aiding in the ease for small business operations.

According to the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business, 99.7 percent of small businesses are utilizing the City Express for their small business firms. IHS Automotive data reports that since 2009, small business registrations have been increasing with a 41 from 2009 to 2013. This increase in small businesses brings Chevy a lot of potential customers in the market for small fleet vehicles.

“Small businesses constitute key innovators in the U.S. economy,” said Adriaens. “With 28 million small businesses already active in the United States, of which 98 percent export goods, there is a ripe market to be had for a product like this.”

Smokey D’s BBQ in Des Moines, Iowa is a fantastic example of a small business owner, who appreciates the similarly small City Express van. Starting as a trailer in a driveway, Smoke D’s BBQ has grown significantly, and has since then acquired three locations in the Dec Moines area. The company was drawn to the small size that the City Express vans offered, and has recently taken delivery of four vehicles.

“We need a nimble vehicle to deliver our BBQ catering to our customers in a timely manner,” said owner of Smokey D’s BBQ, Darren Warth. “The City Express allows us to retain a smaller physical footprint while still giving us the cargo space we need to keep our customers happy.”

A Dallas-based Vital Media Security company has recently acquired two City Express vans to their fleet, and has three more on the way. The City Express is perfect for this small business as they use these vehicles to transport sensitive data to offsite locations.

“The Chevrolet City Express is the perfect representation of our company as it shows our customers that we can do more with less,” said company president and CEO Jerry Judkins. “With great fuel economy and right-sized cargo room, it fits perfectly into our business.”
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