Popular GM Models Drop Prices By Up To $2,600

Chevy Cruze

To remain competitive and reach out to a larger target audience, GM is introducing the Chevrolet Cruze sedan and Equinox SUV, the Buick LaCrosse sedan, and the GMC Terrain SUV with lower priced trim levels. GM is hoping to increase awareness and buyer consideration to their target audience through this initiative.

Budget reductions are expected to range from $1,500 to $2,600 from the previous entry-level trims. The Cruze LS, previously starting at $17,745 is now seeing a reduction of $1,575, bringing the purchase price down to $16,170. SUV lovers are in for a treat, as the Chevrolet Equinox L is reduced $2,400 – bringing down the purchase price to $22,120.

Annalisa Bluhm, Chevrolet spokesperson, spoke with the Detroit News and mentioned that the Chevy Cruze and Equinox “are in critical segments: Compact car is the third-largest segment in the U.S., and compact SUV is the fastest-growing and largest vehicle segment in the U.S. Both L trim-level options give us a great chance to introduce the brand to new customers with competitive products featuring unexpected features.”

The benefit potential GM buyers will have when looking into the lower priced trim options, is that consumers will not have to compromise quality for price. Although GM has made their vehicles more affordable, consumers won’t be getting poorly equipped, stripped down, budget vehicles. For example, The Cruze L will still have popular features like traction control, keyless entry and even OnStar 4G LTE hotspot. However, the Cruze will be shipped solely in 6-speed manual transmission – a fact that will likely alienate much of today’s clutch-illiterate drivers.

GM’s main goal is to increase awareness and buying consideration for a larger group of consumers. These four lower priced models are bringing opportunity to more people, providing more affordable and quality vehicles. For some of these lower priced entry-level trim models, they may not qualify for the same incentives that other GM models may have. But so long as customers see a few competitively-priced GM products in the search for their next entry-level sedan or crossover – prompting consumers to take a closer look at the brand – the new base trim levels will have served their purpose.

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Article Source: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2015/02/gm-drops-prices-by-up-to-2600-on-four-models/

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