The 1967 Rally Red C2 Corvette to be sold at Mecum Austin!

Some Corvettes leave the factory and are immediately put to work on either the racetrack or the drag strip, while others are destined to sit in a garage under a sheet in some car collector’s garage. This 1967 Corvette set to be sold by Mecum in Austin is a perfect example of the typical garage queen Corvette, built to serve as a GM Display Vehicle at the 1967 Riverside Grand Prix in California.

The Rally Red C2 is in pristine condition and is recognized by the National Corvette Certification Board as being 95-100% of typical factory production specifications. The car has also received the NCRS Duntov Award of Excellence for its condition and is well document, with a the original dealer copy of the order and the ownership history since new .

Under the hood is the sought after tri-carb 427 V8 engine, hooked up to a 4-speed close ratio transmission. The car also features rally wheels with Redline tires and a special tank sticker certifying it as a 1967 Riversdie Grand Prix show car.

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