Chevrolet Suburban Concept Tailgating package features Salvaged Wood Table!

A custom tailgating package built into the Chevrolet Suburban Premium Outdoors concept features a handcrafted table and benches made of recycled wood salvaged from purposefully deconstructed Detroit homes.

The table and benches were designed and built by Workshop, a furniture company whose products are made almost entirely of salvaged wood and materials. It includes material from three deconstructed homes – and each section is stamped with the donor home’s address.

“Using salvaged materials like this is more than simply recycling and keeping valuable materials out of a landfill – it’s about preserving something tangible from Detroit’s history,” said James Willer of Workshop. “That house may no longer exist, but a piece of its legacy lives on.”

Workshop started a year ago as a pop-up shop during the holiday season and is now in a permanent location in Detroit’s Fischer building – in the heart of the city’s resurgent Midtown district.

Suburban is a piece of Detroit’s history, too. It is the industry’s original SUV and celebrated its 80th anniversary with the 2015 model year. It is the longest-running, continually produced nameplate in the automotive industry and the redesigned 2015 model represents its 12th generation.

The Suburban Premium Outdoors is one of a trio of outdoors-themed concept trucks and full-size SUVs introduced by Chevy at the SEMA Show – the world’s largest automotive personalization trade show. In addition to the salvaged-wood table and benches, the concept tailgating package also includes a big-screen, smart HDTV mounting in the cargo area.

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