2015 GMC Yukon SUVs to deliver Greater Capacity & Refinement!

The all-new 2015 Yukon/Yukon XL SUVs will deliver:

  • greater capability and refinement
  • more power
  • new fold-flat rear seats
  • a quieter interior

And thanks to a new family of advanced EcoTec3 engines, the lineup is expected to deliver the segment’s best V-8 fuel economy.

The 2015 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL share design, architectural and powertrain elements, but Yukon XL has an approximately 14-inch longer wheelbase and is approximately 20 inches longer overall, providing greater legroom for third-row passengers and almost twice the cargo room behind the third-row seat.

All-new exterior and interior designs advance GMC’s professional grade aesthetic with elements designed to be beautiful and functional. The exterior is sleeker and more aerodynamic, enhancing efficiency on the highway and contributing to the new Yukon’s quiet ride.

The EcoTec3 engine features state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • direct injection
  • cylinder deactivation
  • continuously variable valve timing
  • an advanced combustion system, designed to make the most of power, torque and efficiency across a broad range of operating conditions
  • More precisely controlled combustion enables the new engine to run with a higher compression ratio, which delivers greater power and efficiency
  • Hydraulic engine mounts
  • electronic throttle control
  • adaptive exhaust systems
  • improved aerodynamics

The 2015 Yukon/Yukon XL boasts a fully boxed frame, composed of more than 75 percent high-strength steel, supports a quiet and controlled ride. New shear-style body mounts attached to the frame significantly improve stiffness and contribute to the Yukon’s smooth ride. Compared with previous models, the driving experience of the new SUVs is further enhanced with: wider rear track that contributes to a more planted stance; wheels that are a half-inch wider, reducing tire flex for improved cornering performance; new, electric variable-assist power steering system enhances fuel economy and tailors steering assist to vehicle speed; and new 9.5-inch rear axle and standard automatic locking rear differential.


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