Tips for Holiday Shopping Season for the Buick Encore


Buick Encore offers a balance of parcel-packing efficiency and safe navigation of the ins-and-outs of mall parking spaces.

With the holiday shopping season starting earlier than ever, Buick is collaborating with Michelle Madhok, shopping expert and founder of; and Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at and auto expert, to help consumers conquer Black Friday, and the rest of the shopping season.2013-buick-encore_100376952_l

“Traditionally, Black Friday is the ultimate shopping day of the year,” said Madhok. “Those who want to save money and have a positive experience should carefully think through the day and keep some simple tips in mind.”

These tips include:

  • Aim for the big-ticket items that are highly discounted, such as electronics
  • Pass on the pricey warranty or home installation package
  • Make a list and stay focused, prioritizing the most expensive items first
  • Don’t waste precious shopping time circling or waiting for a choice parking spot near the mall entrance. Instead, park in aisles equidistant to several mall entrances.

Part of the battle occurs even before the first dollar is even spent. Crowded, dark parking lots offer their own set of challenges. Krebs offers some safety tips before ever reaching the mall entrance.

“Bigger isn’t always better,” Krebs said. “Compact cars and SUVs, such as the Buick Encore, have a surprising amount of interior room and are agile and easier to park. The Encore’s petite dimensions pay dividends when it’s time to squeeze into undersized parking spaces.”2014-buick-encore-overview-exterior-655x368-05-13BUER00082

In addition, Krebs says consumers should consider holiday shopping safety:

  • Use a cargo cover when possible to keep packages out of view
  • Leverage backup cameras and mirrors in crowded parking lots
  • Use hands-free devices to avoid distraction
  • Use a driver remote door unlock, especially if alone in a dark parking lot

“The interior and cargo areas of the Encore were designed to provide maximum storage space to accommodate the unique lifestyles of our customers,” said Robert Johnson, expert for the Trunk and Cargo Division, Advanced Vehicle Development group. “Be it bags of golf clubs, a big screen TV, skis or shopping bags, the Encore can transport it.”


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